What We Do

The historical atmospheres we recreate can best be divided into various types of dance, each with their own breadth and depth of study and charm:
Click the links above to discover more about each dance type, and learn the secrets of how we recreate the artistic temperaments of times past.

Programs could include dances such as:
  • Epping Forest (English Country Dance) (Playford's Dancing Master, 1670-90)
  • Aimable vainqueur (couple dance) (Pecour, 1701)
  • Well Hall (English Country Dance) (Playford's Dancing Master, 1679-1728)
  • The Machine Without Horses (Scottish Country Dance, 1772)
  • La Forlana (couple dance) (Pecour, 1701)
  • Bloomsbury Market (English Country Dance) (Walsh, 1718)
  • La vieille Bourreé (couple dance) (Feuillet, 1720-30)
  • Duke of Perth (Scottish Country Dance, 1827)
  • Sellinger's Round (English Country Dance) (Playford's Dancing Master, 1679-1728)

Costume Recommendations
  • The most beautiful Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century gowns created for you at Rococo Regalia:  http://sites.google.com/site/rococoregalia/
  • Need historically-accurate footwear?  We highly recommend Fugawee, found at: http://www.fugawee.com/ - they are very nice to work with, their prices are reasonable, and their shoes look and feel fabulous
  • For tricorner hats, we recommend "Druid's Oak", found at:  http://www.druidsoak.com/index2.htm - again, very nice to work with, Neal Redmond will treat you right (not like some other dirty scoundrels out there)
  • More recommendations to come...