Entertainment Fit for a King

Atlanta Baroque Dance is a dance group specializing in performing, reconstructing, and teaching court and country dances from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as in historical English and Scottish Country Dances, and Regency Dances (as would have been done in Jane Austen's era).  Founded by Chris Wilson and Kat Peng Nagar in 1998 through a shared commitment to the art form (read more about Chris & Kat), the group is based in Atlanta, GA, having performed throughout the Southeastern United States.  Our group also teaches English and Scottish Country Dances and Regency Dances in varying configurations with its members, who all share a passion and commitment to historical dance.

We Are For Hire

Atlanta Baroque Dance is available for appearances in historical reenactments, operas, plays, university and school masterclasses, as well as motion picture or other theatrical performances - find out more about what we do.  We are also available for all types of public and private events, in groups of varying sizes (two performers to eight plus), and will create an engaging atmosphere by also teaching easy-to-learn dances to interested audience members. 

Additionally, we are available for private instruction, such as lectures, seminars, or for interested couples who would like to learn the Minuet (or other
historical dances) for Weddings or other formal occasions.  Our costumes are researched and are period correct - see us in costume (and in action!) at our picture gallery and video gallery